Drosera madagascariensis


Drosera madagascariensis is a carnivorous plant originating in Madagascar and South Africa. It looks like an upright plant with a red-colored stem from which springs spatulate leaf sprigs wi..

Drosera spatulata


Drosera spatulata is a carnivorous plant from South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The species is characterized by a large intraspecific variability, so it is possible to find many di..

Drosera intermedia


Drosera intermedia is one of the most common temperate carnivorous plants in the world, especially in America and North Europe.This enormous diffusion also entails a large variability of the..

Drosera rotundifolia


Drosera rotundifolia is one of the most common temperate carnivorous plants in the world, especially in North America and North Europe.This great diffusion is due to the peculiarity of ..

Drosera dielsiana


Drosera dielsiana is a perennial carnivorous plant originally from South Africa.The plant is in the shape of a flat rosette that can reach a diameter of 4 cm.The leaves are wide, they assume..

Drosera nidiformis


Drosera nidiformis is a carnivorous plant originating in South Africa. This drosera has a semi-erect bearing, with the youngest leaves that will be lifted from the substrate exposing the tra..

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