Sphagnum Microscope slides for identification

Sphagnum Microscope slides for identification

Sphagnum Microscope slides for identification

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The identification of Sphagnum spp. is not an easy matter. Especially if you consider the wide phenotypic variability displayed by these mosses in field according to the variation of the habitat conditions. 

The direct observation of the moss morphological, anatomical and cytological components by field and laboratory tools (e.g. hand lens, microscopes) is certainly the proper approach to identify the moss species and genera, especially if compared with moss photomicrographs.

However, good moss atlas and high quality photomicrographs are often not available, limited to academic purposes or with costs too prohibitive for most of people.

To overcome this problem, it is strongly recommend the use of microscopy slides showing the main anatomical parts of already identified moss species to compare with those unknown.

In this sense, our company proposes to the clients a collection of microscopy slides related to the available Sphagnum species presented in our web site, in order to allow all the lovers of Sphagnum genus to easy recognize the species collected in field.

Basically, the slides are made from staining with methylene blue and fixation in epoxy resin of the moss parts allowing observation of the main morphological and cytological traits identifying the moss species (e.g. hyaline cells, pores, stem cells).

We sell two types of slides:

  1. A slide (Basic slide) displaying branch leaves and stem leaves, randomly oriented (i.e. abaxial and/or adaxial sides). Branch and stem leaves are separately fixed on the same slide and covered by separated glass covers.

  2. A slide (Complete slide) displaying whole, not sectioned fragments of the main stem, branches and of 1-2 fascicles, plus sections of the stem and of the branch leaf (There will be many randomly oriented fragments, some of which will be oriented in such a way as to make the cross-section clearly visible.).

The cost of the Basic slide is 19,99 €.

The cost of the Complete slide is 29,99 €.

Below, the list of the moss specie available for slide preparation.

Section Sphagna:

Sphagnum palustre

Sphagnum centrale

Sphagnum medium

Sphagnum papillosum

Sphagnum austinii*

Sphagnum cristatum

Section Subsecunda:

Sphagnum subsecundum

Sphagnum auriculatum

Sphagnum platyphyllum

Sphagnum inundatum*

Section Acutifolia:

Sphagnum russowii

Sphagnum fimbriatum

Sphagnum girgensohnii

Sphagnum capillifolium

Sphagnum rubellum

Sphagnum fuscum

Sphagnum subnitens

Section Squarrosa:

Sphagnum squarrosum*

Sphagnum teres*

Section Polyclada:

Sphagnum wulfianum*

Section Cuspidata:

Sphagnum fallax

Sphagnum angustifolium

Sphagnum flexuosum*

Sphagnum cuspidatum

Sphagnum tenellum*

*These species are only available for those who purchase the complete collection.

The sale of slides is still experimental. At the moment we do not have a stock already available for sale, so the slides will be made after receiving the order (waiting time from 1 week to 1 month depending on the quantity).

Slides & Samples - Complete Collection:

It is possible to buy in one order, the complete collection of slides, with a complete assortment of vital samples of the relevant sphagnum species (at least 5 heads per species) supplied with a pre-assembled kit for a sphagnum box with 28 lots, in which to insert the 28 sphagnum clones received.

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