Sphagnum palustre

Sphagnum palustre

Sphagnum palustre

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The Sphagnum palustre is the most common variety of sphagnum moss in cultivation. It is similar to the Sphagnum centrale but it differs from it for the absence of red pigmentation and a more lax structure. This last feature makes it more suitable for growing with the most delicate plants, such as Drosera species, or to use as a nursery for young seedlings. It has great capacity to spread, spreading like wildfire on the surface on which it is placed. The best growing conditions occur with strong lighting but not direct sun. It is a good species to be kept in a terrarium or greenhouse. It needs a very high and constant supply of water, otherwise the tips may dry out or blackened for the accumulation of tannins, thus blocking the growth. It responds well to small amounts of fertilizer.

The clones I sell are:

  • Sphagnum palustre P11 - Probably from Czechoslovakia
  • Sphagnum palustre P12 - Unknown Location
  • Sphagnum palustre  P13 - Tuscany (ITA) This clone is best suited for hot temperatures and has a more compact growth.

In this blog you can find the identification card of the species, with the original images obtained by the microscopic analysis of the samples taken by the Sphagnum palustre P12.

Notice: The identification of the sphagnum species of this site is not 100% certain, because it has not yet been possible to make genetic analysis, but only morphological. For this reason, the identification of some species may be subject to changes due to new and more accurate analysis. When the identification of an already distributed clone is changed, the species name is changed, but the clone code remains the original one. For this reason, it is important to keep a record of the clone codes in your collection.

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