Drosera rotundifolia

Drosera rotundifolia

Drosera rotundifolia

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Drosera rotundifolia is one of the most common temperate carnivorous plants in the world, especially in North America and North Europe.

This great diffusion is due to the peculiarity of small seeds, wrapped in a thin foil that allows it to be easily transported by the wind.

This enormous diffusion also entails a large variability of the species, which is rich in populations present in many temperate peat bogs, all characterized by some peculiarities that distinguish them from other populations.

The seeds I sell were produced for self-fecundation from cultivated plants, originating from a population of Drosera rotundifolia present in the Atlantic coast of Ireland, in the beautiful region of Connemara. The plants of this population are distinguished by their extremely large dimensions, comparable to those of a Dionaea muscipula.

This species loves direct sunlight and abundant water in the vegetative season. During the winter months, the plant closes into a ibernacle until the arrival of the next spring. The seeds of temperate species such as Drosera intermedia or rotundifolia, has winter dormancy, and need a period of stratification. 

Notice: The identification of the sphagnum species of this site is not 100% certain, because it has not yet been possible to make genetic analysis, but only morphological. For this reason, the identification of some species may be subject to changes due to new and more accurate analysis. When the identification of an already distributed clone is changed, the species name is changed, but the clone code remains the original one. For this reason, it is important to keep a record of the clone codes in your collection.

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