Sphagnum subnitens

Sphagnum subnitens

Sphagnum subnitens

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The Sphagnum subnitens differs from the other species of the Acutifolia Section because it has a much softer and spread structure that allows a greater capillarity, in a similar way to the species of the Sphagna or the Subsecunda Sections. It also has a particular tendency to form compact “cushions” without any cutting and transplantation operation. The colour varies according to temperature: during winter it becomes crimson red, just like the capillifolium, maintain though some green areas in the central part of the capitula; during summer, however, it becomes green, but does not completely cover the red parts produced in winter. This creates a very special colour matching.

This species is suitable for the cultivation of slow-growth plants with roots in direct contact with the Sphagnum, such as Drosera, Darlingtonia and Heliamphora.

Notice: The identification of the sphagnum species of this site is not 100% certain, because it has not yet been possible to make genetic analysis, but only morphological. For this reason, the identification of some species may be subject to changes due to new and more accurate analysis. When the identification of an already distributed clone is changed, the species name is changed, but the clone code remains the original one. For this reason, it is important to keep a record of the clone codes in your collection.

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