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In this category there are all the mixes chosen according to the aesthetic characteristics.

Green Species Selection Green Species Selection Sale

Green Species Selection


Selection of species that maintain green pigmentation throughout the year and with all climatic conditions. Only accumulations of tannins caused by dry climates can hide the green of these s..

Red Species Selection Red Species Selection Sale

Red Species Selection


Selection of species that, more than all, develop a red pigmentation.This mix will have red pigmentation throughout the year; not only during the winter.This mix includes:Sphagnum capillifol..

Yellow and Brown Color Selection Yellow and Brown Color Selection Sale

Yellow and Brown Color Selection


Selection of species that most of all develop a yellow or brown pigmentation.Suitable for those who want to make special color combinations with Droseras.This mix includes:Sphagnum subsecund..

Best Colors Selection Best Colors Selection Sale

Best Colors Selection


Selection of species with the most pronounced pigmentation.A must for those who love plants with the most intense colors.This mix includes:Sphagnum capillifolium A51 - 3 headsSphagnum r..

Bigger Species Selection Bigger Species Selection Sale

Bigger Species Selection


Selection of species that produce large heads.Suitable for those who want to produce large amounts of sphagnum to mix with the substrate of their plants. This mix includes:Sphagnum centra..

Smaller Species Selection Smaller Species Selection Sale

Smaller Species Selection


Selection of species that produce small headsSuitable for those who want to make a nursery or an aesthetically pleasing and orderly crop, perfect for cultivating small plants.This mix includ..

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