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Sphagnum mixed portion


If the exact species does not interest you, and what you need is a large amount of sphagnum, you can buy a portion of mixed sphagnum. It's not just some heads, but is a portion of a crop, wi..

Sphagnum palustre


The Sphagnum palustre is the most common variety of sphagnum moss in cultivation. It is similar to the Sphagnum centrale but it differs from it for the absence of red pigmentation a..

Sphagnum papillosum


The Sphagnum papillosum is the third major component of the sub-generic section to which also belong the Sphagnum magellanicum and the Sphagnum palustre. In fact, like these, is chara..

Sphagnum centrale (not confirmed)


The Sphagnum magellanicum is one of the largest species of sphagnum moss.It is widespread in circumpolar areas and central Europe and it characterizes the bryophytes vegetation of large..

Sphagnum medium


The Sphagnum medium is one of the last species of Sphagnum discovered. As for the Sphagnum magellanicum and S. divinum, is one of the largest species of sphagnum moss.It is wi..

Sphagnum cristatum


The Sphagnum cristatum is similar to the Sphagnum palustre present in Australia and especially in New Zealand. It slightly differs from the Sphagnum palustre for a different cell morph..

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