Cuspidata Section

This section contains a huge variety of species, all of which can grow very easily even when fully submerged.

All the species of this group are fast growing and of eye catching beauty.

Sphagnum angustifolium


The Sphagnum angustifolium spreads in the Northern Europe and it is characterized by great strength and fast growth. It develops very large, bushy and erect heads. It prefers strong ..

Sphagnum cuspidatum


The Sphagnum cuspidatum is a very special species. Its leaves are very thin, like little needles, giving the plant a "pointy" look. This characteristic is due to an adaptation to aquatic gro..

Sphagnum fallax


The Sphagnum fallax is among the most suitable spices for cultivation. The morphology is similar to one of the Sphagnum pulchrum and the colour is similar to one of the Sphagnum obtusum. It ..

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