Subsecunda Section

The species of this section can mistakenly appear similar to dwarf variants of the Sphagna section. Their characteristics however are much closer to the Cuspidata. Even in this case, these species are particularly apt to living submerged, but they can also get through periods of relative drought unaffected. These species are typical of areas subject to alternating wet and dry periods.

Sphagnum subsecundum


The Sphagnum subsecundum is the species that gives the name to the sub-generic taxonomic category (Section) to which belong also the Sphagnum auriculatum and the S. platyphyllum. T..

Sphagnum auriculatum


The Sphagnum auriculatum is similar to the Sphagnum subsecundum from which differs for the larger size and a better adaptation to the growth on humid but not too marshy soil. If kept in..

Sphagnum platyphyllum


The Sphagnum platyphyllum is a species which plants are smaller than the other species. It grows in small peat bogs and temporary ponds at the base of the grasses stems. It tolerates well di..

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