Sphagnum Species

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Sphagnum palustre


The Sphagnum palustre is the most common variety of sphagnum moss in cultivation. It is similar to the Sphagnum centrale but it differs from it for the absence of red pigmentation a..

Sphagnum papillosum


The Sphagnum papillosum is the third major component of the sub-generic section to which also belong the Sphagnum magellanicum and the Sphagnum palustre. In fact, like these, is chara..

Sphagnum centrale (not confirmed)


The Sphagnum magellanicum is one of the largest species of sphagnum moss.It is widespread in circumpolar areas and central Europe and it characterizes the bryophytes vegetation of large..

Sphagnum medium


The Sphagnum medium is one of the last species of Sphagnum discovered. As for the Sphagnum magellanicum and S. divinum, is one of the largest species of sphagnum moss.It is wi..

Sphagnum cristatum


The Sphagnum cristatum is similar to the Sphagnum palustre present in Australia and especially in New Zealand. It slightly differs from the Sphagnum palustre for a different cell morph..

Sphagnum subsecundum


The Sphagnum subsecundum is the species that gives the name to the sub-generic taxonomic category (Section) to which belong also the Sphagnum auriculatum and the S. platyphyllum. T..

Sphagnum auriculatum


The Sphagnum auriculatum is similar to the Sphagnum subsecundum from which differs for the larger size and a better adaptation to the growth on humid but not too marshy soil. If kept in..

Sphagnum platyphyllum


The Sphagnum platyphyllum is a species which plants are smaller than the other species. It grows in small peat bogs and temporary ponds at the base of the grasses stems. It tolerates well di..

Sphagnum russowii


The Sphagnum russowii is similar to S. capillifolium, from which it differs for a larger size, a faster growth, and a higher tendency to grow in wet soil. Also in this species there is a..

Sphagnum fimbriatum


The Sphagnum fimbriatum is a species widespread in a large area covering the majority of northern Europe. The plants are characterized by slender structure, medium-big size capitula, wit..

Sphagnum girgensohnii


The Sphagnum girgensohnii is similar to Sphagnum fimbriatum, from which it differs, however, for a softer structure, smaller size and a more compact growth. If it grows with good atmosp..

Sphagnum capillifolium


The Sphagnum capillifolium is a species with great variability, characterized by small leaves, erect branches and a high tendency to assume a red pigmentation. The variety that I sell is..

Sphagnum fuscum


The Sphagnum fuscum is an extremely resistant species and particularly suitable for cultivation with sundews and other small plants. Although it grows quickly, it tends to compact without su..

Sphagnum subnitens


The Sphagnum subnitens differs from the other species of the Acutifolia Section because it has a much softer and spread structure that allows a greater capillarity, in a similar way to t..

Sphagnum angustifolium


The Sphagnum angustifolium spreads in the Northern Europe and it is characterized by great strength and fast growth. It develops very large, bushy and erect heads. It prefers strong ..

Sphagnum cuspidatum


The Sphagnum cuspidatum is a very special species. Its leaves are very thin, like little needles, giving the plant a "pointy" look. This characteristic is due to an adaptation to aquatic gro..

Sphagnum fallax


The Sphagnum fallax is among the most suitable spices for cultivation. The morphology is similar to one of the Sphagnum pulchrum and the colour is similar to one of the Sphagnum obtusum. It ..

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