Delivery Information

Shipping Services

Our shipments are carried out with an economic international shipping service. This solution, generally suitable for sending small objects or documents, has proved to be the best solution for sending small plant samples, especially outside the European Union. Shipping times may be longer than shipping with express courier, but the cost is also 10 times lower, and the merchandise is not subject to the same customs checks as are made for more expensive shipping services. Sphagnum is a plant that can remain alive even if it has been packaged for more than a month, so long shipping times are not a problem. We have developed this awareness during the years of activity on eBay.
For particularly large orders, we can also ship with courier. 

Tracked Shipping service and Phytosanitary Certificate:
 Since April 2019 a new shipping service has been implemented, cheaper than traditional couriers (13 €), but that allows the traceability of international shipments. The shipment must be provided with a customs certificate, which will indicate as content "devitalized and sterilized samples of peat moss". Due to the particular nature of the goods sent, which in some countries could be mistakenly considered dangerous or suspect, in case of investigations required by customs please deny knowledge of the shipment and let it be destroyed, to avoid any penalties.It is much more convenient to make a second shipment rather than solve the bureaucratic problems that will follow a possible investigation. 
For destinations outside the European Union, it is advisable to ask for a tracking shipment with a phytosanitary certificate (total cost 25€).

We guarantee for healthy arrival of plants shipped within the EU, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, USA.

Should any plants shipped to these Countries arrive in a bad state, please contact us immediately on arrival and we will either replace the plants or refund them. We reserve the right to ask back the damaged plants for inspection before shipping replacements. 
We can ship to most other countries but the importer has to take full care and responsibility of the import process. If any special documents or treatments are needed you have to contact us well in advance of shipping and inform us. As we have little or no experience, shipping to countries not mentioned above we cannot cover any losses. 

We can also ship to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Canada and other states but in this case we can offer only 30% as a refund if there are any issues with shipping.


The main packaging used is the padded envelope. The purchased sphagnum samples will be shipped inside plastic hermetic closures, with a plastic ring or box that, with its thickness, will avoid sphagnum compression. If the sample is too small, moist paper will be added to avoid dehydration.