Welcome to coxnature.com, the only site specializing in the sale of carefully selected Sphagnum species. I'm Pierluigi Cox, and I'm a young biologist who, starting from the passion for carnivorous plants, has come to find the passion for the sphagnum.

All of this comes from a project that began five years ago when, after a trip to Ireland, where I was able to appreciate the enormous biodiversity of Connemara peat bogs, I decided to deepen the study of the plant that constitutes the basis on which peat community is built: the Sphagnum.

During these years I have developed several techniques for Sphagnum cultivation and I have obtained many samples from all over Europe (and not only), which I have analyzed, identified and propagated.

During this slow and constant research I could observe that every species of Sphagnum has a well-defined characteristics, not only in terms of morphology but specially in terms of growth and cultivation needs. I realized that the potential of this plant is huge, if you can understand how to use it, when to use it, and what species or mix of species you use. My goal is to wake this interest in other growers because I am convinced that more knowledge of Sphagnum will allow growers to make a big step forward in cultivating all the acidophilic plants of humid environments.

Good consultation, and good cultivation.

Pierluigi Cox

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